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[NOTICE] JYJ3.net Closing Announcement


Dear Readers,

I’m sad to inform you that after so many years updating with JYJ’s news, etc. we have decided to close the site.

JYJ3.net was opened on January 2nd, 2011, our main goal was to inform the fans regarding JYJ vs SM’s Lawsuit and to update everything related to JYJ.
Lately, things have been complicated for admins to keep updating the blog, there are more responsibilities that doesn’t allow me to keep JYJ3.net.
I would like to thank everyone who was involved and worked in JYJ3.net, the admins, translators, graphic designers, etc. Especially to Rilanna and Holly that were the last admins along with me.
I want to thank also to our readers, followers and commenters too; you may probably don’t know this, but everytime I felt sad and wanted to leave everything behind me, you were one of the main reasons to keep me back with your encouragement words.

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