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Since the scandal happened, I have thought of saying something on Pages. I had so many things to say but ended up saying nothing due to my lack of writing skills. Until the sentencing day happened.

I’m not here to talk about the court sentences for that woman and her accomplices since I’m sure we all have the same thoughts about it. Two years is just ridiculously short!

But the more I read the facts about the case from the media and K-fans, the more I hurt and get mad. His fans have accepted the thought of him having sex with her (though, it’s still unsure and doubtful ‘coz it could have been a trap), but reading how she easily accused him when after that she could dance and laugh normally, what kind of nonsense and absurdity is this? My brain just can’t accept it.

She is a woman, I…

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[OTHER TWITTER] 170117 Mass culture critic Kim Young-sam Twitter Update: Lenient sentence for Yuchun’s accuser


(T/N: What the critic said is in the chevrons[/angle brackets]; the rest on the outside is the title of the article and its link)

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<‘It is very bad, but 2 years? The law is quite lenient.. If it is very wrong, there should have been a minimum of 5 years, an appropriate amount of 7 years, a maximum of 10 years.. #if_there_was_common_sense> Law, Park Yuchun’s female accuser jail sentence of 2 years in prison “Nature of crime is very bad”

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3
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[NEWS] 170118 ‘Lucid Dream’ set opening on February 22nd


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Film ‘Lucid Dream’, which actors Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu and Park Yuchun stars in, will open in February.

‘Lucid Dream’ is about the phenomenon “lucid dreaming”, for the first time in a South Korean film, where you are aware that you are dreaming; and has confirmed an opening on February 22nd.

‘Lucid Dream’ is a memory-trace science-fiction thriller where Dae-ho (Go Soo), a journalist who specializes in large companies’ corruption, chases after a criminal by using lucid dreaming and looking for clues in hidden memories to find his son kidnapped 3 years ago in a schemed crime.

Go Soo is set to show an acting fighting-spirit, undertaking the role of Dae-ho, a father who lost his son in the movie, and gaining a weight of 10 kilograms; and Sol Kyung-gu returns in the role of Bang-seop, a veteran police detective.

Park Yuchun plays the role of Yong-hyun, a mysterious man…

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Yes, I Am Still A Fan Of Park Yoochun

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Every Chunsa has at least once wondered in her fandom life, how it is that she has so much in common with her fellow ones. I realized that the answer, after all, is very simple: we resemble the person we bias. He isn’t the best looking of all, neither the most talented, and it takes some getting-to-know-him time to absolutely love him. He’s hard-working in things he likes, and lazy in things he dislikes. He’s goofy and childish, but also professional and mature beyond his age. He likes having fun and being around friends, but enjoys home time the most. He can dress like a model and be a slob the next day. He might be popular and a Hallyu star, but really, he’s just a guy that wants to be left alone at times and might even get angry if you step on his toes.

You need to possess…

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[NEWS] 170117 Park Yuchun’s female accuser sentenced to 2 years in prison..”False allegations as false facts” [Comprehensive]


Justice Department, Park Yuchun’s female accuser who made ‘false allegations’ sentenced to 2 years in prison..”False allegations as false facts” [Comprehensive]

The court has sentenced Ms. A –who is being tried under suspicions of false allegations and attempted extortion after declaring actor-and-singer Park Yuchun with charges of sexual assault– to 2 years in prison.

In a hearing with the 15th Criminal Investigative Division at Seoul Central District Court on the morning of the 17th, the date of sentencing in regards to Ms. A’s and her associates’ suspicions of attempted extortion against Park Yuchun was held. On this day the justice department sentenced Ms. A to imprisonment in acknowledgement for all of the charges of false allegations and attempted extortion.

The justice department stated Ms. A made accusations against Park Yuchun with false information. The justice department explained that Ms. A was unable to be convincing in her claims about being sexually…

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[INFO] Global K-Star Ranking: December 27th, 2016~January 02, 2017 – JYJ’s Jaejoong & Yoochun



‘Global K-Star Ranking’ used a combination of data from Chinese portal site Baidu’s ranking on Korean male stars, Chinese website 123fan’s polling system on Korean celebrities, Weibo’s ‘Star Influence Chart,’ and the number visitors and their searches on SSTV to announce the results. The rankings tend to vary weekly according to the hot topics pertaining to each starlet. (via Allkpop)

 photo 441993_268407_4146.png

1 – Hwang Chi-yeul
#2 – Lee Jong Suk
#3 – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong
#4 – Kim Jong-kook
#5 – EXO’s Sehun
#6 – CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa,
#7 – Ji Chang-wook
#8 – Kim Soo Hyun
#9 – JYJ’s Park Yoochun
#10 – Jung Ji-hoon (Bi/RAIN)

“The original Hallyu Star JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong makes top 3 as soon as he’s discharged from army”  via @crystalmoon64

 photo 441993_268401_3941.jpg

Source: SSTV/Star Seoul TV
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