[Trans + Pic] JaeChun @ SONGS Magazine


fashion follows yoochun

oopppss we havent posted the full trans of this magazine! ^^;;;;;
there are so many articles flowing these days~

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Achieving huge success during their Tokyo Dome Concert, Tohoshinki was also very energetic during A-nation. Amongst the 5 of them appeared the Special Project Unit, Jejung and Yuchun! Their natural message song, “Colors~Melody and Harmony~”, and “Shelter”, a song that is able to be at the top of the music industry, are the best songs that the two have composed together. This single is not filled with just the unlimited charm of a singer, but as a composer!!

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– “Colors~Melody And Harmony~” is a song that was performed during the Tokyo Dome Live Concert in July, right?
YC: The person who first started composing it was Jejung. Then, because we realized that the song was suitable and followed the style of the both of us, we decided to use this as…

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