[PIC/OTHER INSTAGRAM] 150501 ‘TGWSS’ staff shares a photo of Yuchun on set



[PHOTO] #냄새를보는소녀 #냄보소 어김없이 방송다음날 찾아온 #비하인드컷🎬 #권재희 를 쫓아들어간 건물안에서 버려진 나무조각으로 예술하는 #최순경님 🎨 ㅇ을 못 찾아 고민하는 오빠에게 ‘유’를 만들어주자 기어코 이름완성하고 싱글벙글 포즈취하는 무각오빠😆 매일듣는 최무각이라는 이름이 더 익숙해져있지만 이때만큼은 박유천오빠였다👮🏻 현실깨달음😅 이제 3주남았다 힘든 여정이지만 그만큼 얻는 것도 많은 드라마📺 이번주도 #화이팅💕

[TRANS] Come to find next day to air #TheGirlWhoSeesSmells #THWSS without fail #behind-cut🎬 #OfficerChoi who’s doing art with abandoned wood pieces inside the building he entered when chasing after #KwonJae-hee 🎨 Help create the ‘Yu(유)’ for oppa who worries he couldn’t find the ‘Y(ㅇ)’; Mugak oppa who, by all means, has complete his name and is posing in all smiles 😄 Getting used to his name ‘Choi Mugak’ that he hears every day but like this moment, he is Park Yuchun oppa👮🏻 Realization of reality😅 There’s 3 weeks left now; It’ll be a tough journey but there are a lot of things…

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