[NEWS] 150504 First Impressions of Park Yuchun, disclosed by ‘TGWSS’ actresses


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Actresses’ feelings and first impressions toward singer-cum-actor Park Yuchun, is a topic (again).

SBS new Wed-Thur drama special drama ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells”s Park Yuchun, Shin Se-kyung, Namgoong Min, Yoon Jin-seo had appeared SBS FM radio ‘Escape at 2pm, Cultwo Show’ that aired on March 30 in the past; and revealed their volubility [T/N: skill in speaking].

On this day Park Yuchun answered, “She somewhat gave off a very strong arrogant feeling.” and, “Initially, she had this pose which hindered people from going close to her.” to the question asking about his first impression of Yoon Jin-seo while appearing along with her in the drama.

On this Yoon Jin-seo said, “The first moment I met Yuchun-ssi he was greeting me. (My first impression is) He’s a bright, courteous guy [to everyone he meets].” about her first impression of Park Yuchun.

Following, Shin Se-kyung also evoked warmness by adding…

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