[TRANS] 150506 Jo Heebong mentions Yuchun in interview‏


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Jo Heebong lavished boastfully about his unusual teamwork [with fellow ‘TWGSS’ actors’], and said, “Although our ages are different with each other, I feel like I am a real big brother and Yuchun-ssi my (biological) little brother. Our teamwork has become more solid”.

In connection of having appeared in a similar work, ‘Three Days’, in the past, he also mentioned Park Yuchun –the role of [Choi] Mugak– and said, “In ‘Three Days’ I only met him about once so, my only thought of him was that he’s a reserved actor.” and, “This time acting together, I realize his wits and his outstanding comical sense, more. It’s very comfortable acting with him”. Continuing he willing spared no praises: “There is a reason why Yuchun-ssi is acknowledged by the public and critics for his acting ability in many of his works, especially his movie ‘Haemoo’”.

Source: Tenasia via Naver
Translations by: yochwennie

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