[NEWS] 150602 If all 3 of JYJ get discharged, is it possible for them to appear on a broadcast?


Will active-duty-dols (T/N: idols who’ll serve their military service) JYJ be able to make a comeback on a broadcasting stage?

On the first day of June, news of JYJ member Park Yuchun’s enlistment reached our ears. This is the second time, following Kim Jaejoong who had enlisted last March 31. According to his agency C-JeS Entertainment side, Park Yuchun is enlisting on August 27. There remains time a little less than 3 months before he enlists.

Hereby the member in JYJ who will maintain his social status as a member of society for the time being is only Kim Junsu; who’ll visit audiences with his upcoming musical ‘Death Note’. On this, fans are also vocalizing their regrets. Since the news [about Yuchun’s enlistment] broke out, in the JYJ-related community, saddened voices pouring out constantly. It’s the situation where many fans were saying, “There only remains Junsu now. It’ll be lonely…

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