[TRANS] 110602 The Reason I Know Park Yoochun Though I Don’t Know Micky Yoochun

My Prince Changmin's Kingdom

[T/N: As you can see through the use of first person, this is an editorial by a news reporter. Enjoy~]

I don’t really know Micky Yoochun as a singer very well. But I do know something about Park Yoochun as an actor. To tell you the truth, I don’t really know just how amazing Micky Yoochun was in TVXQ, an idol group that conquered(?) Japan and Asia.

To make an excuse for myself, I say that it’s okay that I don’t know much about Micky Yoochun as a singer because when TVXQ was most active, I wasn’t a reporter for the entertainment sector and I was well past the age for liking idol groups. I do know that he and two other members left SM Entertainment and formed a new group JYJ, only to have a hard time finding opportunities for TV appearances as broadcasting companies continue to be hesitant due…

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