[VIDEOS + TRANS] 150712 Yoochun FM in Nagoya (Day 2) – JYJ during BBQ, Reunion Day Story, YC’s fantasy, BBQ matchmaking party with JYJ


What is JYJ in charge of during BBQ

MC: Do you (have the occasion) to do BBQ?

YC: I do (BBQ) a lot.

MC: oh you do a lot. then Yoochun-san (T/N: honorific) do you (cook the) meat. What are you in charge of?

YC: Every time, i grill the meat.

MC: grill? really?

YC: with the staff or the members, when we go to eat, I (grill the meat) by myself.

MC: wow, that’s unexpected.

YC: Jaejoong makes nabe(T/N: nabe is japanese hot pot dish). I am in charge of the meat, Jaejoong makes the nabe, Junsu.. (awkward pause ><)

MC: he doesn’t appear here, how is it, imagination that is. Something about Junsu.

YC: umm, Junsu eats right.. ahh, Junsu normally eats.

Translator’s Note: In a Japanese BQ restaurant you grill your own meat, usually the one whose best at grilling becomes in charge of grilling the…

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