[OTHER SNS] 150815 Marie Claire Korea Facebook & Instagram Updates: Pensive Park Yuchun

YU for Marie Claire Korea


[PHOTO] 에디터가 초코파이 선물을 준비했던 화보 현장의 주인공은 바로 군입대를 앞둔 박유천이었습니다!

#마리끌레르 #9월호 카메라 앞에 선 그는 여전히 우수에 젖은 눈빛과 보다 성숙해진 분위기로 촬영장을 압도하였는데요. 잠시만 안녕을 준비중인 박유천과 함께한 인터뷰와 화보 그리고 비하인드 영상까지!

마리끌레르 9월호와 웹사이트에서 공개할 예정이니 조금만 기다려주세요!
#박유천 #朴裕天 #YuChun #marieclairekorea

[TRANS] The leading man of the pictorial scene is Park Yuchun who was prepared the gift of Choco Pie by the editor, just up ahead of his military conscription!

#MarieClaire #Septemberissue Standing in front of the camera, he had overwhelmed the shooting set with eyes moist with melancholy and a more mature atmosphere, as ever. There’s an interview and pictorial with Park Yuchun who is preparing his goodbye for the moment and up to a behind-the-video!

We are planning to release it in Marie Claire September issue and website, so please look forward to it in a bit!

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