“EMPTY” – A JYJ Song or My Feelings?

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Why is it whenever I see Yu Chun leaving a country after performing, I feel tears welling in my eyes even when I don’t live in those countries? It is as though a part of me is missing when I see him gone. The airport pictures of him heading straight to the Immigration counter dampen my spirit; leaving me empty and hoping he will perform again in another country.

Then the whole painful process starts all over again when I see him leaving the new country he has just performed in.

airprt yuchun

Why did such depressive feelings persist even when I had yet to see him in any “live” concert or fan meeting until my first JYJ concert in Jamsil Stadium (Seoul) in August 2014? In that concert, that same empty feeling started the moment Yu Chun left the stage after JYJ’s last song.

Those sad feelings intensified when he left…

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