[INTERVIEW] 150826 Sports Chosun: Enlisting tomorrow, Park Yuchun “Gap of 2 years? Don’t worry or be impatient”


 photo 2015082701002732200193642.jpg

“What’s the date today? Ah! Time flies so fast.”

While signing at the palm print and writing down the date, Park Yuchun playfully acted as if he was about to cry, then laughed “buhaha” out loud. I met Park Yuchun at the site where he was leaving his handprint in advance as a winner of the best new actor from last year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards. And because of his enlistment, it’s a pity that he won’t be able to attend this year’s Blue Dragon Film Awards and join in the palm printing activity, so he allocated some time out of his busy schedule to be here. Although there are only few days remaining prior to his enlistment on the 27th, but Park Yuchun looked very comfortable and relaxed. “Sol Kyung Gu hyung said to have a drink together before my enlistment. It should be Beondegi soup with Soju. It…

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