A Long And Winding Road Leading To Park Yuchun

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I have been a Korean-drama addict since 2006. It all started when I watched a K-drama broadcasted on our local TV and I became a fan of a Korean actor, a 36 year-old ahjussi! He is now 45 years old. Yes, I used to be attracted to older/matured guys. So you see, Yuchun didn’t stand a chance with me during that time haha!

In 2008, I was invited… uhh dragged, to be more precise, to a K-Pop event by my friend whose friend was the president of a fan club. I was not a K-Pop fan (still won’t be if it wasn’t for JYJ), but I went along with her. I guess the headcount mattered more to her than the enthusiasm of her recruit haha! I remember I wore a blue shirt because we were given instructions to wear something blue. Uhm no relevance to my story here but I…

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