My Fate With Park Yoo Chun

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It all started in year 2007. It was Bae Yong Joon I liked, because he was the 1st Korean actor I knew, hehe… and of course it was because of Winter Sonata.  So when I knew that he was finally having a new darma – The Legend – of course I had to watch it. And because I usually liked Korean Drama OSTs, I also anticipated the OST of this drama. I knew then The Legend’s OST, “A Thousand Year Love Song” will be sung by DBSK. I was thinking at that time… “Oooohhh, finally I will be hearing a song from the famous Korean Pop Group!” Though I’m a non-KPop fan, I knew that DBSK was famous because there were always news about them in my Asian Entertainment tabloids and magazines. But I never gave attention to them. Although I think I knew HERO Jae Joong (don’t ask me…

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