[TRANS] 151119 The South Korean film “Haemoo” wins the prize for best movie of Casa Asia Film Week 2015


 photo 692-el-film-surcoreano-haemoo-gana-el-premio-a-mejor-pelicula-del-casa-asia-film-week-2015.png

The movie Haemoo ([Sea] Fog), directed by the South Korean Shim Sung-bo, had obtained the main prize of the official section in the 3rd edition of Casa Asia Film Festival (CAFW) organized by Casa Asia and Cinemes Girona. The CAFW had presented a total of 52 movies from 20 Asian countries from 13 11th to 15th of November.


Best Movie of Casa Asia Film Week 2015


Dir. Sung-bo Shim | With: Yoo-chun Park | 2014 | 111 min | South Korea | Drama

Synopsis: […]

Haemoo was nominated as the best movie at the 2014 San Sebastian Festival and won the Narrative [Feature] Award of the Hawaii International Film Festival 2014. Yoo-chun Park won three awards as Best New Actor with this film.

Biographical information of director: Sung-bo Shim is a South Korean screenwriter and director known for Memories of Murder (2003), [Sea] Fog (Haemoo) (2014) and Lin…

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