[TRANS] 111220 Yoochun Interview In Josei Jishin



The DVD for his latest drama “Miss Ripley (Complete Version)”  will be released on 25 December, and rental at TSUTAYA will start! The long awaited exclusive feature♡

Yoochun’s latest drama “Miss Ripley” is based on the theme of “lies”, a love-mystery story. Playing the “heir to a conglomerate,” a stereotypically arrogant role in Korean dramas, Yoochun’s character Song Yoohyun plays a man who is both gentle, and seems to have been born with class. This pure man meets and falls in love with an evil woman, and all viewers who see this are in an uproar!

This time, we got an exclusive interview with the “cool-gaze” Yoochun! He spoke honestly about the types of relationships he feels inclined towards.

“The main reason why I agreed to appear in the project was because I liked Song Yoohyun as a character. Although he is young, he puts in effort for his work…

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