[TRANS] JYJ featured in Women’s Weekly(/Shukan Josei/週刊女性) Japanese Magazine


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JYJ’s Memorable Christmas Present
The last dome tour before military enlistment
opening to public careful selection cut

Currently enlisted, Jaejoong and Yoochun. And with Junsu, the last performance of『2014 JYJ JAPAN DOME TOUR~一期一会~』Tokyo dome, where the three gathered on stage for the last time before their military enlistment, to get picturized.

Junsu, “it’s been a long time right. I wanted to meet everyone. To that extent, I will go full power till the end. Lets get hyped up/excited!!”

Jaejoong, “I believe it would be good if right now’s passionate cheering continues all the way till the end of today’s live.”

Yoochun, “everyone, is your preparation to have fun OK? (loud shout) Thank you.”
(T/N: Yoochun says, in Japanese romanization; ‘Tanoshimu (to have fun) Junbi wa(preparation is) OK?’)

Junsu, who is preparing for his end of year Musical concert in South Korea, which has become a custom. Jaejoong, who just announced…

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