[NEWS] 160202 JYJ Teases Fans With A Preview Into Their Upcoming Reality Show, ‘Fruitful Trip’


 photo CWzlt8eU8AAZ_R0.jpgoriginal.jpg

C-JeS Entertainment have announced that JYJ will be having their own online reality show, ‘Fruitful Trip’. They gave fans a sneak peek into what the boys will be up to. The episodes were filmed before Jaejoong was enlisted and now they believe it’s time to release it!

‘Fruitful Trip’ will have five episodes which are approximately five minutes long. It will surely be a show where fans will be laughing and enjoying themselves over JYJ’s cute and hilarious behaviours. C-JeS Entertainment have also announced that the members will be working very hard in this reality show, such as chopping up wood to create fire, catching chickens and fish for the first time. This was all shown in the video teaser. Even though it may be tough, the teaser also shows that the boys appreciate it and are enjoying themselves.

The teaser starts off telling JYJ that they will be having…

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