[TRANS] 150205 Park Yoochun “The Girl Who Sees Smells” Japan Interview! ‘Laughed too hard during filming that many NGs occurred’



This time, in commemoration of the Blu-ray&DVD release, the interview addressed towards the Japanese fans has arrived. He talked about his co-stars, the secret stories from the shooting and about the “analgesia” acting.

― Your appearance on “The Girl Who Sees Smells” was decided, reading the synopsis and script, what were your impressions/thoughts (on it)? 

Yoochun: The people who watch the drama may or may not have felt this but I am shooting by choosing a different method than my works up till now. The first time I read the synopsis and script, I had a dark image for the main character Mugak. Therefore, I was worried if a person like Mugak who carries the pain in his heart, which he experienced in the past can be connected well together with a comedic element. Furthermore, Mugak is set to have lost all his sensations, how do I convey it so…

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