[NEWS] 160306 Han Ye-ri, “Park Yuchun is considerate and a good friend… made it easy when we filmed ‘Sea Fog'”


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On the morning of the 6th, actress Han Ye-ri was a guest on SBS cultural program ‘How to eat & live well, Did you have a meal?’ that aired under the conduction of actor Kim Su-ro and cuisine researcher Lim Ji-ho.

On this day Kim Su-ro mentioned movie ‘Sea Fog’ that Han Ye-ri starred in. To this, Han Ye-ri said, “With Kim Yoon-seok sunbae as the lead, we had drinking parties often in a ‘Hey ho, hey ho’ atmosphere,” and, “It is not easy for me to drink alcohol well but I enjoyed the atmosphere”.

Continuing, Kim Su-ro asked about Park Yuchun who starred together with her in ‘Sea Fog’, and Han Ye-ri added, “I really liked acting with him. He was very considerate and a good friend so it was easy to work with him,” and, “At that time, it was all men and I was the only woman. So I got…

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