[NEWS] 160310 Sports Seoul Focus: We say the army is not an obstacle of their popularity~!


Since actors Song Joong-ki and Yoo Seung-ho –who returned recently after their discharge from the army– are making sudden rises as ‘it actors’, singers’ album releases are creating interests one after another. It is true that a 2-year gap caused by a military service in one’s 20s, bears a burden to the male stars who holds activities in the entertainment world, onstage and in their prime, at home and abroad. However, recently, stars who receive the general public’s love are increasing; by heightening their favorability on the side, with their tough virility up to their healthy image more than ever after getting discharged from their military service as a turning point. In the cases of singers, they are presenting meaningful gifts to their fans who misses them longingly and, casting the gap of their hiatuses into the shadows; with them releasing new songs in the middle of their military services.

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