[NEWS] Park Yoochun’s 100 Faces



Park Yoochun‘s 100 facial expressions throughout SBS Wed-Thurs drama “Rooftop Prince” is getting attention.

In “Rooftop Prince,” Park Yoochun is playing the roles of the Crowned Prince Lee Gak and home shopping heir Yong Tae-Yong. He has been receiving a lot of love from fans for his two roles, and the latest collection of 100 expressions is creating a buzz on the online community.

The photos were posted with the title, “A collection of Lee Kak’s 100 facial expressions.” The funny captions under each photo especially brought a lot of laughter to the viewers. The captions read, “Let’s go to the palace,” “Mental collapse,” “That’s how it is,” and “How very white,” just to name a few.

Specifically, the photos where Park Yoochun is wearing red tracksuits and posing with the expressions “I don’t like it,” “My queen,” “Banana milk,” “Sulk..” and “Mmm sweet,” created a…

Lihat pos aslinya 223 kata lagi


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