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This is a story, not about me, but about a lovely girl we’re going to call Oonggirl.

In 2008, I was a huge fan of Tohoshinki because they were really like JPop more than KPop. I just liked them because their songs were good. But my big sister was really the one who made me into their fan.

When THSK split, I just followed JYJ & Yuchun. I am not really a huge fan but I adore Yuchun. I “introduced” him to my lovely cousin, Oonggirl, who was at that time living in a shell within herself. She was always alone in her room, pushing herself into drawing, studying and painting. But she was not always like that. She used to be a bright girl. She was in the Top 10 of her school and was always in Mathematics competition. But all those changed after she was dealt a problem…

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