[Twitter] 120511 Yoochun Twitter Update (Updated!)

TT ___ TT



[TRANS]: Dad…
[TRANS]: F*ck I miss you….. like crazy

[TRANS] Although you’re doing well now the way you are… Just become a son that your father can be proud of in future, and that will be enough…. You’ll meet him again in future after all, won’t you… Don’t say such heartbreaking things!!! You’re just experiencing something that anyone else will experience eventually, just a little bit earlier than others. Cheer up! You’re the crown prince after all.

[TRANS] Yoochun-ah… Before being an entertainer and before being a public figure, you are ultimately human too… I understand it all, and everyone will understand too… Let’s see each other tomorrow with smiles!! For sure!!! We have to go mad together right^^

Credit: @6002theMicky + @Tae_Sama
Translated by: @yookcheoni + @AllRiseXiahtic
Shared by: JYJ3

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