#Waitingfor6002: What It Means To A Chunsa

Pages Bound by 6002

Two hundred and seventy odd days into waiting:  how are YU doing so far? How are WE doing so far? Looking back, time has flown very fast. It feels like not so long ago when Mugak was just churrrrring his way into the hearts of many. But looking forward, another four hundred days seems an eternity.  Who ever said “time is relative” surely knew what they were talking about.

“Out of sight, out of mind?” This could very well happen. I mean, how could it not? Yuchun is doing the service outside the military “wall” and yet one would think he is hidden in the deepest and most secured section of the military barracks. How many times exactly did we see his photo this past nine months? During his one-month military training: exactly five times. For a four-week period, five times was really A LOT for Yuchun. It was a…

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