13June2014 [TRANS/NEWS] Press Conference of Park YuChun’s Guangzhou Fanmeeting


140264925720800011402649266303000114026492754500001A member of Korean group JYJ, popular actor and singer Park YuChun’s “Housewarming Party” Guangzhou fanmeeting will be held on the 14th night at Guangzhou Gymnasium. On the afternoon of the 13th, Park YuChun together with Korean female singer Gummy, Park JiYeon, headed earlier to Guangzhou for press conference to promote for his coming fanmeeting.

Park YuChun mentioned that Guangzhou’s fanmeeting theme will be based on “party for moving into new house” concept. By then, the stage will be decorated into a heartwarming room and Park YuChun will appear as the host of his “house” and prepare lunch boxes to serve lucky fans. He also will be presenting a brand new Chinese song that he learnt. Besides that, organizer has arranged a “fans’ mrssage area” at the corridor of the gymnasium, collecting fans’ questions and requests towards Park YuChun. Park YuChun will also become “intimate YuChun” by personally choosing some…

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