[TRANS] 160625 Park Yuchun’s case becomes complicated, with noncompliance of subpoena from opposing side


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In the middle of investigating the case on the sexual assault allegations against Park Yuchun, the police have requested for the appearance of Mr. Hwang, the first female complainant’s acquaintance who was engaged in the battle for a large sum of settlement money.

Mr. Hwang, who’s known as a gangster, and his side are not answering to his subpoena, though.

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However the questionings toward Ms. Lee’s boyfriend and Mr. Hwang, who are facing the countersuits, have not come about.

Although they are not responding to the police’s requests that they make an appearance, the police, after a phone call and request by letter, are planning for a requisition of an arrest warrant be reviewed.

Source: Yonhap News
Article caps by: @hana_2345
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by:JYJ3

[VIDEO + TRANS] 160625 Yonhap News: Noncompliance of subpoenaㆍtravel banㆍgang intervention theory…Park Yuchun’s case becomes complicated

[Translated Transcript]


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