[NEWS/TRAN] 160715 Park Yuchun’s side “Prostitution charges are not true..am clarifying on prosecution investigation”[Official Stance]



Actor Park Yuchun is denying the validity of prostitution charges.

Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment side disclosed their official stance: “The prostitution charges are not true”.

C-JeS side said, “First, we would like to communicate our deepest apologies to everyone in regards to the criminal case of Park Yuchun, a singer and actor belonging to C-JeS,” and, “As confirmed in Gangnam Police Station’s official announcement, we would like to clearly let the fact of Park Yuchun’s acquittal be known that the suspicions of sexual assault brought up during this time toward him are all entirely baseless”.

Continuing they conveyed, “In addition, although there is the course of action where the police side has proffered prostitution charges on Park Yuchun, we cannot accept this portion in no way since it is completely a different thing than the truth. We have to clearly state once again there is absolutely no truth in Park Yuchun having committed a prostitution act. For this portion, we will…

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