6002 HK: Tattooed In My Heart

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This day takes me back to that person I saw for the first time two years ago. A lot has happened and some things have changed; in me, in him, in my world, in his world. But that day, that moment, the feelings that rushed through my being when I first saw him, will remain the same and will always remind me that I adore that boy. And turning my back on him is not an option for me; it’s never gonna happen.

This is going to be so random, so nothing in particular really haha. I’m feverish so please forgive me for running around in circles. I just had to write something down, anything, to commemorate this day: two years since I first saw Park Yuchun in person. Okay so it was from a few or several hundred feet away (??), but still it was IN PERSON. I thank…

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