10October2013 [INFO/TRANS] Reminiscing the saddening past of YuChun before debut. A must-read for a new Chunsa

a moment to remember
a man called PARK YU CHUN

Park YuChun, a child who has suffered enough returning to his own country.

YuChun who is full of emotions, always smiling but cries easily, was first place in a poll of “who do you think is flower boy” in Korea. The name on YuChun’s ID card is Park YuCheon. I still prefer Park YuChun. He has a little brother, YuHwan, who is 5 years younger than him.

YuChun who was born in 4th June 1986 in Seoul, Korea, has been very active in sports since he was small. He yearned for Formula One and dreamed of becoming a F1 driver. During elementary school, he was playing games with his friends. He wanted to pluck the fruits on the tree at the nearby park so he and his friends threw stones at the fruits. As as result, he unintentionally hit the head of his friend with the stone. This incident lead…

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