Be Strong YU, My Love

just remember YU
i’m here for YU
always stand by YU
no matter what
* special gift in my special day *
thank yu so much JB

Pages Bound by 6002

To be honest, I don’t know how to start. I’m not a good writer. It’s confusing to me because it seems all the  words in my head want to get out all at the same time. But I’ll try my best to be clearheaded.

I started liking YU after watching Miss Ripley. I will always be grateful that YU took that role. Through Yutaka/Yuhyun, I became a ‘Yufan’ and I began to find out all about YU. I started watching all his dramas, variety shows, concerts, etc. After knowing more about him through his works I was totally smitten by YU.


I was really touched when I found about his life before becoming an artist; how devoted he was to his parents, how he loved his brother. Really… I can’t imagine such a young child in America earning a living by working at so many jobs and using the hard…

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