My Story

Pages Bound by 6002

Since the scandal happened, I have thought of saying something on Pages. I had so many things to say but ended up saying nothing due to my lack of writing skills. Until the sentencing day happened.

I’m not here to talk about the court sentences for that woman and her accomplices since I’m sure we all have the same thoughts about it. Two years is just ridiculously short!

But the more I read the facts about the case from the media and K-fans, the more I hurt and get mad. His fans have accepted the thought of him having sex with her (though, it’s still unsure and doubtful ‘coz it could have been a trap), but reading how she easily accused him when after that she could dance and laugh normally, what kind of nonsense and absurdity is this? My brain just can’t accept it.

She is a woman, I…

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