Thank You And I’m Sorry

” let’ s just trust HIM to decide what is best for him and his loved ones ”
yes , it should what we done .

Pages Bound by 6002

Have you ever experienced having a normal day, doing what you usually do, smiling, laughing, then feeling your heart give a sudden thump, as if reminding you that everything is not alright, that everything is not as it should be? Then you realize that all the time you were smiling, something in your heart was slowly tearing. You realize that what used to make you smile, what used to be your haven, what used to be so beautiful and blissful, is slowly shifting and becoming distorted right before your eyes. And you can only watch helplessly; understanding why it’s happening, but not knowing how to stop it, not knowing how to comfort after all.

If I were to write another page, if I start ranting once again, will I seem like a broken record? If I speak my mind and reveal what is truly in my heart, will I be…

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