His Happiness, Above All

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I learnt… “the news” on a dm from my friend Jojo, while I was on hiatus from social media because of Easter and vacation. At first I looked around a bit to see what was going on and saw titles of articles and rumours, people panicking, plenty of reactions and a whole lot of comments. Part of me was relieved I couldn’t participate because I had guests and I felt I had to dedicate my whole time on them instead of being online. I admit I was relieved this happened during my hiatus, because I’ve lived through this whole propaganda before and honestly, I didn’t want to re-live it. Getting news from all kinds of sources isn’t for me anymore. I decided not to read a single thing, for the girl, what and who she supposedly is, or what Cjes said about it. I am absolutely clueless and will stay…

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Gummy – I loved…have no regrets (사랑했으니..됐어)

NO .. NEVER ..

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

I nod, accepting it for what it is.
Not everything can agree with my heart Uh uh

I try not to follow apart as we part
My walk was briefly stopped because of you,
but now I will just keep walking my own path.

This can happen anywhere,
this moment can happen to anyone
I loved you with all my heart, so I have no regrets.

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what i want to say is already represented
.. thanks JB … you are chunsas voices

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“Nature is sparing with speech:

     a whirlwind doesn’t last all morning;

     a rain shower doesn’t last all day.

What causes these? Heaven and earth.

     If heaven and earth can’t make something

     furious endure, how could man?”

-Lao Tzu-


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[COMPILATION OF NEWS] 170413 Reports of Park Yuchun’s upcoming marriage


at 11:02 AM KST:

[Exclusive] JYJ Park Yuchun, to marry non-celeb woman this coming autumn

JYJ member and entertainer Park Yuchun(31) will marry a non-celebrity woman the coming autumn.

In Star News coverage results on the 13th, Park Yuchun will be tying the knot to a non-celebrity woman the coming autumn.

Having debuted in the entertainment industry in 2004, Park Yuchun is in the middle of his [military] service as a public service worker currently. He will return to society upon his discharge [from the military] at the end of this August.

at 11:13 AM KST:

Park Yuchun’s side “Marrying a non-celeb woman coming autumn? Checking on it” (Official Stance)

Group JYJ member Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said to Xports News on the 13th, “We are in the middle of checking on the relevance of the facts in regards to Park Yuchun’s marriage rumors”.

Prior a media reported Park…

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[NEWS] 130404 Park Yoo Chun To Make Chinese Fans Even Happier

#throwback 2013


Chinese fans will be pleased to learn that Park Yoo Chun’s most recent drama, “I Miss You,” is going to be shown in China this summer.

The MBC drama, which aired in Korea from November 2012 to January 2013, is currently being shown in Japan through DATV but will soon air on Japan’s main channels. There has also been interest from fans in Europe and America. Although it can already be seen on streaming sites such as Hulu and Drama Fever, more viewing options are being considered.

One reason for the increasing interest in the series is the popularity of one of its stars, actor and JYJ singer Park Yoo Chun.

“They are especially interested in Park Yoo Chun,” said a drama official. “His popularity around the world is unimaginably immense. We’re preparing promotions to take place in America.”

Yoo Chun is already a mega star in China, where he…

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[NEWS] 130404 ′I Miss You′ to be Taken to America and Europe Thanks to JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun

#throwback 2013


Park Yoo Chun′s I Miss You will be flying to audiences in America and Europe.

A drama official said, “Park Yoo Chun′s main role drama I Miss You has been receiving endless love calls from America and Europe. They′re especially interested in Park Yoo Chun; his popularity around the world is unimaginably immense. We′re first preparing promotions to take place in America.”

I Miss You, which aired from November 2012 through MBC, is a romance about how two lovers separated in the past due to a tragic accident but came to meet again as adults. Yun Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho also starred in the drama.

It is currently airing in Japan through DATV, and soon will be airing in the main channels. Next, it will air in Hong Kong, then start off in China and America in June and July.

Photo credit: MBC
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