“Serendipity: I’ve always gravitated towards Yoo”

Pages Bound by 6002

Being his fan, loving him this much, I can’t really figure out how and when it all happened. I just remembered one weeknight during -ber months in 2016, I was bored and didn’t know what exactly to do. So I opened Youtube and came across this suggested video about “Korean stars with sad family background”. I’ve always been an avid follower of the Korean entertainment industry since 2005, however my interest in “all things Korean” and Asian artists fangirling life wind down starting 2013. Due to my curiosity and boredom, I watched the video. No, Yoochun was not on the list, it was his member and friend from a long time ago that was on the list—Jaejoong. I find it really serendipitous how that video led me to rediscover Yoochun again, and this time, I know it’s a road of no return.

A not so little background….

I’ve casually known…

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Welcome Back 6002 — Pages Bound by 6002

#Watingfor6002: It’s a promise, a very simple but unbreakable promise: “I will be here when you come back, right here where you left me. Some things in you may have changed, some things in me will surely have changed, but the one thing constant until that time comes will be the love. The feelings that […]

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Pages Bound By 6002 @ 2

Pages Bound by 6002

On June 12th of last year, I was reminiscing and sharing with you how Pages Bound by 6002 started in 2015. Never would we have imagined that on the very next day, nothing will ever be the same again in Chunsaland; that we were heading off to the roughest road and darkest of tunnels in Chunsaland’s history.

We will never forget this dark period in our fandom, but more importantly, we should not forget that there was a silver lining; the way we stood together by him and stood up for him, protecting, giving strength; keeping faith to the end. We showed Yuchun we are not only here to cheer for him, to scream his name and to spazz over him; we’re not only here to buy albums and DVDs and other fan goods, or to watch concerts and fan meetings. We are here during the ups, and we…

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[SPAZZ] 151016 Scientists Claim These 8 Idols Are Irresistable To Women Because Of Their Broad Shoulders – Park Yoochun (JYJ)



There are many prerequisites that make up what is conventionally considered as attractive for guys. One of these prerequisites are big, broad shoulders and these idols show exactly why.


Yoochun (JYJ)

How he can pull off being so manly with such a baby face is beyond me but hey I’m not complaining

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Source: Koreaboo
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[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170604 C-JeS Instagram Update – Happy Birthday, Yuchun~


[PHOTO] 박유천의 32번째 생일을 축하합니다!
パク・ユチョンの誕生日おめでとうございます! 32回目の誕生日たくさんお祝いしてください!
Happy #32nd #birthday to our very own Yuchun!
#박유천 #생일축하합니다 #박유천#ParkYuChun #happybirthdaytoyou

Happy 32nd Birthday to Park Yuchun!
Wishing Park Yuchun a happy birthday!!Everyone please wish him well for his 32nd
Happy Birthday to Park Yuchun! Please celebrate his 32nd birthday very much!
Happy #32nd #birthday to our very own Yuchun!
#ParkYuchun #HappyBirthday #ParkYuchun #ParkYuChun #happybirthdaytoyou

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