[INFO] Netflix updated details on ‘Lucid Dream’, available on June 2


[NEWS] 170502 Park Yuchun “Travel to funeral home for mourning of maternal grandmother, participating in wake with his mother” [Official]


We have learned of the sad news of actor Park Yuchun’s mourning for his maternal grandmother.

Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment said in the afternoon of May 2nd, “Park Yuchun is in mourning for his maternal grandmother.”

Continuing it was added, “Park Yuchun heard the news and is heading to the funeral home after he gets off work,” and, “He plans to participate in the wake with his mother”.

Park Yuchun is currently in the middle of his service as a public service worker at Gangnam District Office, and is going to be discharged (from his military service) the coming August 26.

▼ Below is the full text of C-JeS Entertainment’s official stance

It’s correct Park Yuchun is in mourning for his maternal grandmother.
We can confirm that Park Yuchun heard the news and is heading to the funeral home after he gets off work. He plans to participate in…

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Thank You And I’m Sorry

” let’ s just trust HIM to decide what is best for him and his loved ones ”
yes , it should what we done .

Pages Bound by 6002

Have you ever experienced having a normal day, doing what you usually do, smiling, laughing, then feeling your heart give a sudden thump, as if reminding you that everything is not alright, that everything is not as it should be? Then you realize that all the time you were smiling, something in your heart was slowly tearing. You realize that what used to make you smile, what used to be your haven, what used to be so beautiful and blissful, is slowly shifting and becoming distorted right before your eyes. And you can only watch helplessly; understanding why it’s happening, but not knowing how to stop it, not knowing how to comfort after all.

If I were to write another page, if I start ranting once again, will I seem like a broken record? If I speak my mind and reveal what is truly in my heart, will I be…

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His Happiness, Above All

Pages Bound by 6002

I learnt… “the news” on a dm from my friend Jojo, while I was on hiatus from social media because of Easter and vacation. At first I looked around a bit to see what was going on and saw titles of articles and rumours, people panicking, plenty of reactions and a whole lot of comments. Part of me was relieved I couldn’t participate because I had guests and I felt I had to dedicate my whole time on them instead of being online. I admit I was relieved this happened during my hiatus, because I’ve lived through this whole propaganda before and honestly, I didn’t want to re-live it. Getting news from all kinds of sources isn’t for me anymore. I decided not to read a single thing, for the girl, what and who she supposedly is, or what Cjes said about it. I am absolutely clueless and will stay…

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Gummy – I loved…have no regrets (사랑했으니..됐어)

NO .. NEVER ..

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

I nod, accepting it for what it is.
Not everything can agree with my heart Uh uh

I try not to follow apart as we part
My walk was briefly stopped because of you,
but now I will just keep walking my own path.

This can happen anywhere,
this moment can happen to anyone
I loved you with all my heart, so I have no regrets.

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